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The way of Authenticity - Part 1

The way of Authenticity - Part 1

Right after posting my article about the "Birth of a Young Movement" I receive an email from Peggy Holman about her new book, Engaging Emergence:  Turning Upheaval into Opportunity, one of her latest projects.

It has been amazing how many things are happening and the way they are coming together.  Actually, as the saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason", comes to mind, and the feeling is exhilarating.  Well, we are all and everything is connected.  That is a given to me now.  It all depends on the degree of our awareness of this, the perspective we happen to be seeing from, and also, how open we are, and to a great degree, what we choose to see at any given moment.  So the question is, are you tuned in or not tuned in?

There is overwhelming evidence to me that we are at the dawn of a new era.  An era were more and more people are becoming aware of live beyond 3th /4th dimension and are opening up to exploring, providing greater understanding, and guidance on how this phenomena, perhaps a new dimension, can be tuned into; the evidence: The Celestine Vision by James Redfield and also his discussion of "2012: The Energetic Countdown Is Happening Now."  The following: The 5th Dimension - Heaven of Now, beautifully reflects what both James Redfield, and Eckhart Tolle refer to as a shift in our plane of existence.

[youtube A8N4_JDoXNA 400 300]

I pre-ordered a copy of Peggy's book, as it provides a perspective that further adds to my understanding of change in general and the shifts that are occurring and how these manifest and can be integrated at different levels.  Again everything is connected.

It makes things easier to cope with at times when we choose to simplify and focus on one aspect, tuning out the vast number of changes that occur in our own life, family, organizations, and communities, or globally, and be satisfied and comfortable with the answers we encounter.  We shift our awareness from appreciating all that is going on all around us with no prejudice, and most of the time, resist  tuning back into those aspects that are pre-judged less desirable.  Remaining satisfied with answers derived from the limited perspective endangers our greater understanding of the purpose of these changes and how we can be at our best in response to them.  An alternative is to put our attention to one thing at a time as it comes to our attention.  Like stopping and smelling the flowers... at least for a moment,  without prejudice, and to dance with them as they come.

What interests me most of Peggy's book is that it provides experiential patterns of change and practices, principles, and forms to participate and collaborate in raiding change rather than being a bystander.  I look forward to receiving my copy and reading it.

Birth of a Young Movement!

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Right after posting my article about the "Birth of a Young Movement" I receive an email from Peggy H...
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