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Birth of a Young Movement!

Birth of a Young Movement!

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to IMPROVE the world.

~ Anne Frank

Youth Vision 5000 is one of my projects, a movement organized by youth for youth between 15 and 24+ to create their own vision of Curaçao in twenty years (20) and to systematically realize this vision, with consideration for the factors/matters that binds us to the island and how we can stimulate these factors/matters; a bottom-up approach to “Nation Building”, instilling passion and responsibility (individual maturity), global mindset, and broad stakeholder’s participation.

In September 7th, 2007 a seminar with a break-out session in World Café format, sponsored by SEDA (Sentro pa Desaroyo di Hende Muhe i su Famia, Center for Women Development) headed by Mrs. Meyrtha Leetz, as a Five Star Curaçao project, was held, with the title "From Chaos to an attitude of non-violence" with the keynote speaker, Dr. Karolyn Snyder.  Dr. Snyder is the author of the book, "Living on the Edge of Chaos: Leading Schools into the Global Age."  That evening at the Hilton Curaçao hotel, she presented the six lessons of her book, then in its first edition, on how these apply to "Improving the methodologies applied in women centers for increasing awareness on violence in households and families."

From Chaos to an attitude of non-violence

Those present that evening were several members of the Five Star Curaçao movement, who in turn were members of different and at times multiple organizations, such as, members of the education sector of Curaçao, members of the Curaçao Leadership Forum, including members of the public and private sectors.

The six lessons state, that:

  • Growing Systems Respond to Environmental Changes
  • Disequilibrium Promotes Change
  • Energy Builds Through Connections
  • Natural Systems Self-Organize
  • New Systems Evolve from Complete Prototypes
  • Change Is a Dance of Life and Death

This seminar not only inspired many projects under the Five Star Curaçao umbrella, such as the project to make Schools of Curaçao - Global Learning Centers through the program developed by Dr. Karolyn Snyder's organization, International School Connection, in collaboration with Five Star Curaçao; it also left Dr. Snyder with an inspiring impression, which she wrote about on the Five Star Curaçao website, "Impressions from my Visit in Curaçao".  During a break that evening, Mr. Victor Pinedo who is a member of the private sector, an organizational change consultant behind Five Star Curaçao, and Mr. Ivan Kuster, one of the principal facilitators of the Curaçao Leadership Forum, in discussing that leadership is essential to realizing a vision.  They challenged each other that their should be a follow up on the effort done in 1999 and subsequently in 2004 to create a vision for Curaçao, "Vishon Kòrsou", at which, as many that were present that evening, both were participants as well.  Their discussion led on to the idea that this time the visioning effort should be done by the youth of Curaçao, since they are the ones that most likely will be living out that vision of Curaçao in 20 to 30 years.  Mr. Pinedo challenged that the number of youth should be 5000 to make it a wildly important goal, which would have a large enough and significant impact to create a more active and engaging movement, driving action towards the created vision.  Mr. Kuster reciprocated that this effort should be organized by the youth themselves for themselves.  As a young member of Curaçao Leadership Forum (2005, co-core facilitator) and Five Star Curaçao (2007, project integrator) I, was listening.  Then Mr. Pinedo explained about a meeting format that could accommodate in the range of 2000 people or more, and introduced Open Space Technology by Harrison Owen to us.  It was decided that the Curacao Leadership Forum should take the lead in following through with this idea.

Youth Vision 5000 (YV5K) was born.

Mind you that according to the one law and 4 principles of the Open Space Technology meeting format and methodology: what happened during that break that lead to the discussion on the ideas from where Youth Vision 5000 originated, is a typical example of an Open Space Technology meeting session.

The way of Authenticity - Part 1
Achieving what matters most.

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