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The way you do the things you do!

The way you do the things you do!

Generally, we tend to think of technology mostly in terms of computers and/or electronic gadgets, such as video games, cell phones, latest cars, etc. According to Merriam-Webster, technology is the systemic treatment of an art, the practical application of knowledge, the capability given by the practical application of knowledge, and/or a manner of accomplishing a task using processes, methods, or knowledge.

My understanding of technology is that it is simply “The way you do the things you do.” I am particularly keen to new technology, thus “new ways of doing things”, and specifically when I can simplify and/or save me time and money. Another important aspect is the methods to integrate and introduce these new ways of doing things on a personally level, into organizations or communities, with the specific purpose of resolving a problem or improving an identified situation; and this, if the situation could use improvement.

 Back Then

Having this fundamental, yet wider perspective on what technology is, we can further categorize its use in three major areas: personally, organizationally, and macro economically. Open Space Technology (OST) is an example of a technology, specifically a meeting format that improves dramatically how an organization can approach, and relatively quickly, can address complex strategic issues; and as it has been proving over its 40 years of its existence, with astounding results.

 Not to long ago

So, when was the last time you took an inventory of the things you do and the way you do them? Why do you keep doing things the same way despite the cost or pain?

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