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About Angelo Luidens

He has a Computer Science academic background and while studying in the U.S. has supported or directly initiated several internet business initiatives, one of which was successfully sold to the incumbent telecom provider in St. Maarten Dutch Caribbean. He is an innovator at integrating both social scientific knowledge and technological advances and creates prosperity at either the individual and organizational levels. He creates green organizations through: Leadership – That inspires listening, connecting and sharing knowledge and experiences, playfully; Co-creating innovative and sustainable developments, by bridging the gap between business, social/cultural, and the technical aspects, integrating innovative technologies, creating holistic systems, and also apply remedies that allow balanced execution; consequently, delivering Value, such as, predictable growth, personal satisfaction and business prosperity, and peace of mind for his clients. One of his passions is the sustainable economic development of Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean) to become one of the top integrated logistical hubs in the world consisting of the integration of 5 economic sectors of the island of Curaçao. As former member of the Curaçao Logistical Hub workgroup, he was particularly responsible for the non-specific priorities that pertain 5 sectors (International Trade, International Finance, Information & Communication Technology, Airport, and the Seaport), such as: Global mindset, Global Language Competency, Human Resources Development, Stakeholders Participation, Hassle-Free Business Environment, and World Class Customs Services. Next to this responsibility he was also actively involved in the Airport and ICT sub-workgroups. At this time, he is driving the establishment of the Fashion and Commercial Space industries in Curaçao. Angelo speaks four languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamentu), and currently lives and operates from Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean.

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