Stargue has implemented on a high level, client acceptance and due diligence procedures that are in line with the latest requirements.  By complying with all applicable laws and anti-money laundering & counter terrorist financing frameworks we are safeguarding our clients and our reputation.

Stargue does not want any involvement in illegal and/or unethical activities such as: money laundering, tax fraud, insider trading and financing terrorism.  Stargue reserves the right to reject a client or terminate a relationship, if KYC questions are not answered satisfactorily, or if Stargue becomes aware of any information or conduct, which it reasonably believes to constitute a compliance or integrity risk.  A high level of compliance helps us provide reliable and high-quality service on behalf of all of our stakeholders.

All information requested and received in the compliance process is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and will be monitored by our compliance department and stored separately from the client files.

Contact Us for any further inquiries regarding this Know Your Client (KYC) Policy.