Working Together Experience - Strengthening Collaboration between Entrepreneurs

With almost 24,000 companies on an island with an economically active population of 73,000+, Curaçao bursts of entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, it remains in the doldrums with the economy and there are many entrepreneurs with minimal income. This is partly because they do not collaborate. However, how do you start a good partnership? Won’t it be abused? Who can you trust?

Why is cooperating so important?


Entrepreneurs love their freedom and independence. They make their own schedule. No boss to tell them what to do. An entrepreneur does what he or she considers important and works hard to achieve personal goals. However, when someone works purely from self-interest, one can never match the tough competition on the international market, new business opportunities are forfeited, and it is difficult to bring unique products and services to market. In addition, such an entrepreneur will miss on a lot of fun, inspiration and motivation he or she gets by working together.

Is working together something for you?

Think about your dreams and how to achieve them. Chances are that you can only achieve your dreams with the help of others, and others again with help from you. Share your ideas, inspire one another and look for common ground. Go talk to a competitor and try to discover where your greater shared goal is instead of working against each other.

Working Together Experience?

To end the isolation of many entrepreneurs and promote collaboration, Angelo Luidens (Stargue) and Reineke Keijzers (Keijzers' Advies) leveraging their collective experiences and different subject matter expertise, developed an interactive workshop, called: Working Together Experience. In this workshop you will learn how collaboration can help you achieve your greater goals. The Working Together Experience takes place every last Tuesday of the month at Lions Dive & Beach Resort Curacao, from 13:30 to 17:30.

What is it about?

The Working Together Experience offers entrepreneurs and business owners practical knowledge and skills for future involvement in collaborative projects with greater ease and success.