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Working Together Experience strengthens collaboration between entrepreneurs
With almost 24,000 companies on an island with an economically active population of 73,000+, Curaçao bursts of entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, it remains in the doldrums with the economy and there are many entrepreneurs with minimal income. This is partly because they do not collaborate. However, how do you start a good partnership? Won’t it be abused? Who can you trust?

Some of our work..

The University of Curaçao (formerly University of the Netherlands Antilles, UoC) in introducing a new program for the 2011-2012 academic year organized a conference in collaboration with the Youth Vision 5000 Foundation (YV5KF) for the General Faculty Teachers Education for Foundation Based Education (Algemene Faculteit Leraren Opleiding Funderend Onderwijs, LOFO).  This was in support of quality assurance and to evaluate the functioning of the faculty from the students’ perspective.

UoC1University of CuraçaoThe new program was based solely on the formal self-evaluation 

by the faculty, personnel and management of the faculty.  The perspective of the students was not yet included.  This was an important criteria for quality assurance in support of the accreditation process of the faculty.

Stargue was engaged to facilitate the process of the evaluation through the conference using a group facilitation methodology, with UoC2specific objectives.  All of these objectives were met and results were encouraging and pleasantly satisfying.  Generally the students became more aware of their academic situation and that of their peers and a mindset shift could be noticed from the students.  Some highlights of their responses during the final round (translated):
It’s the first time that all LOFO groups got together to dialog, discuss, about what was bothering us which we could not pinpoint exactly.
Yes, all that is in our hands we can do.  The only thing is for some their hand it is somewhat more difficult, however, if we get help, I think we can correct the issues.
UoC3First of all, for me what I liked was our definition of the situation.  We debated and came up with a resolution to the situation.  What was even better was that we could listen to each other, and come to agreements with each other.
What I liked very much was that we, us of LOFO group 1, could take note of some of the experiences of the other more advanced groups in the program could share with us.

Normally, we do something similar every day.  However, today with did it in a structured way.
The conference sessions delivered step by step points on how to address several issues discussed.  Stargue delivered a series of recommendations for the faculty in planning their next steps.


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 Public Sector
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 Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Applied Competencies

  • Process Facilitation
  • Collaboration

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