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Working Together Experience strengthens collaboration between entrepreneurs
With almost 24,000 companies on an island with an economically active population of 73,000+, Curaçao bursts of entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, it remains in the doldrums with the economy and there are many entrepreneurs with minimal income. This is partly because they do not collaborate. However, how do you start a good partnership? Won’t it be abused? Who can you trust?

Some of our work..

On October 10th, 2010, Curaçao became an autonomous country within the Dutch Kingdom, with a vision that in 2025 Curaçao would be a country based on good governance with high quality, sustainable socio-economic development and education that motivates all citizens to achieve the most out of themselves. The Curaçao Environmental Agency (Milieudienst), then an independent government agency, became a service part of the Ministry of Health, Environment, and Nature (Ministerie van Gezondheid, Milieu en Natuur, GMN), under the sector Agriculture, Environment, and Nature (SAEN), and is now the Environment and Nature Management (Milieu en Natuurbeheer, MNB) organizational unit, responsible for the promotion of sustainable quality of the environment and nature.

Stargue facilitated and provided the guidance for the documentation of the processes, ensured that these were in alignment 

GMN-MNB Process Documentatie Adequaat Procesbeheer

with the Ministry’s strategic articulation, which would enable the MNB to conduct adequate process management leading towards meeting its strategic mandate.  This included the delivery of training to the staff thereby implementing the Adequate Process Management document for the organization.


  • Sector: 
 Public Sector 
  • Industry:
 Healthy, Environment and Nature Management
  • Period:
  • Location:
 Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Applied Competencies

  • Business Process Management
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Collaboration

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