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Working Together Experience strengthens collaboration between entrepreneurs
With almost 24,000 companies on an island with an economically active population of 73,000+, Curaçao bursts of entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, it remains in the doldrums with the economy and there are many entrepreneurs with minimal income. This is partly because they do not collaborate. However, how do you start a good partnership? Won’t it be abused? Who can you trust?

Some of our work..

The executive committee of the Guide-Educate-Nurture Foundation (Fundashon Guia-Eduká-Forma, GEF) together with to one of the Rose Pelletier House (Huize Rose Pelletier) in celebrating 50 years of its existence, organized a 2 day conference: “Carry our work together (Karga nos trabou huntu)”.  This conference included the participation of the other 2 orphanages under the directive of GEF, and the orphanages in Aruba and Bonaire.

This conference entailed the fortification of solidarity and shared responsibility that all pedagogic collaborators’ of the orphanages collectively carry for the educational work they do at their orphanage.  A new manual of an educational methodology for orphanages was developed by DEA Consult who in turn engaged Stargue for support in facilitating the collaborators’ elaboration and exploration on how to apply it in their orphanages.



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Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean

Applied Competencies

  • Process Facilitation
  • Collaboration

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